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Some websites continue to sell a 3rd party clone of the Wiikey Fusion which has been tested and confirmed fully compatible as a drive replacement device for use with the Gamecube.As of around early November 2013 the clone Wiikey Fusions are out of production, however the Wasp Fusion can still be purchased which is a identical clone, albeit under a different name.

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Use this only if you are unable to apply the regular v1.2 update.Be sure to read the instructions carefully before installing, as it requires more steps than a regular Wiikey Fusion update.With this update, all Wiis should now work as long as SD card or DVD is present.This will be completely resolved in the upcoming 1.5 firmware update.Fixes one bug causing DVD games to loop back to the system menu before starting, and another bug whereby SD cards are not properly detected and the last game played from DVD show up in disc channel instead of the Wiikey Fusion menu.

This update fixes a few bugs that some users have been experiencing: namely a bug causing some DVDs not to eject when the eject button is pressed and another bug causing the flash update to fail/freeze if the SW3 dip switch is accidentally in the OFF position.It is one of many modchips available for the Wii by Nintendo and acts as a firmware replacement funneled through the debug serial port - tricking the DVD drive into believing that the backup is in fact legit, much like current Xbox 360 chips do.Like its current competitors, the Wii Key is installed onto the Wii's drive either by quicksolder or using six wires.Various other minor bugfixes and improvements have been included in this release DVD Direct Boot NOT Supported GC WBFS Menu Supported Wiikey Fusion 1.2 Recovery To help users who have had a bad flash while upgrading their Wiikey Fusion (ie: if the power went out in the middle of updating).This update provides the same firmware update as the regular Wiikey Fusion Update v1.2 released on 8th June, but it runs in recovery mode.then after booting into the WKF menu i saw two entries for "fusion configuration"...i hit d-pad right and i entered into the fusion configuration options....i went down to save, hit d-pad right to save. i performed the exact same tests in firmware WKF 1.3, robotech is properly displayed in the WKF menu and same as before: with the card in WBFS manager, i deleted robotech so no entries were listed in WBFS manager.... I bought it at a local shop, and they told me that it's a legit Wii Key Fusion-chip, and not a clone.