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Die-hard devotees may even refer to favorite brands as “family” as certain products or services become part of a customer’s identity. It’s why fans of TV shows love giving themselves nicknames (e.g. It’s why you can’t enter a Starbucks without seeing a swarm of white Apple logos and why Soylent drinkers think they are the superior humans.

This kind of devotion isn’t easy to come by, but achieving such loyalty is the ultimate marketing hole-in-one. Well, in order to develop an intimate community there needs to be some sort of exclusivity.

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It [Jeep] speaks directly to what Americans most like and admire about themselves, believe to be true about themselves…Jeep is just so American.Zappos trains their call center workers to be responsive, helpful, and noticeably human.Today however, word of mouth marketing can be found in:really need to explain why word of mouth marketing rocks — it’s kind of a cornerstone of marketing.But in case you need to convince coworkers and friends, here are some word of mouth marketing stats taken from a study done by Lithium.Word of mouth marketing is the encouragement of a business to get their consumers and customers to talk about that company’s products and services as often as possible.

And the reality is that word of mouth marketing may, in fact, be the oldest form of marketing that exists.When people start looking to your brand as a thought leader in your field, you’ll soon end up with more word of mouth marketing than you know what to do with.People appreciate businesses that are honest and fair. Grow your reputation by being respectful of your customers and treating them right.Jeep is appealing to the deepest, most powerful drivers of the American psyche.Americans like to believe they possess qualities that set them apart – that they are rugged, and tough, and individualistic, and resourceful, capable, straightforward and indomitable.The aim in word of mouth marketing is to provide customers with such an unbelievably amazing, life-affirming product or service that they can’t help but share their experience with friends, family, co-workers, and the random dude who sits at the bus stop every day with his exotic parrot.