Wordpress organize series not updating

If your categories are overlapping, your tags redundant, your main menu cluttered, and your old blog posts lost to time, then your website needs some spring cleaning!

It’s understandable: the longer you blog, the more packed full of content your website will be.

If you know how to "drag-and-drop," you know how to add Series Engine content to any widgetized area in your Theme.

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Simply activate the plugin, enter the shortcode on any Page or Post, and pick your colors.

Series Engine does all of the heavy lifting for you...

The internet has unfortunately given us very short attention spans, and trained us to expect to be able to access information at the click of a mouse.

If your visitors can’t figure out how to quickly and easily find what they need on your site, they’re likely to click away and try another site instead.

The Series Engine media browser automatically creates buttons to share your content through Facebook, Twitter, email and more.

It also automatically generates graphics and descriptions for beautiful social sharing. The special Series Engine menu in the Word Press admin portal allows you to update your Messages, Series, Speakers and Topics from any web browser. You worked hard to make your site look great; Series Engine is built to match.

There's no need to know HTML, CSS or any other geeky acronyms! Series Engine is built to use simple embed codes from Vimeo, You Tube, and just about any other video hosting service.

With support for self-hosted audio and video as well, it's the best way to get all of your content in one place.

Series Engine makes it easy to create any number of custom audio or video Podcasts using the content you've already entered.

Use the Podcast builder to provide a name, graphic, and a few other details, and you'll be up and running in no time. You can attach any number of passages to a Message, from a variety of translations, and Series Engine will automatically link to and the Bible App.

One often-overlooked aspect of search engine optimization is site structure, but it’s one of the most important elements of good SEO.