Wow stuck on updating setup files

The other major one would be a variant of my debug build, with asserts on but the optimization cranked up to max. My realization about the build slowdowns with lots of files came when I attempted to integrate third-party code…

Specifically what I’m wanting to use is the Irrlicht engine.

I never really got anything worthwhile going on it, my excuse being a job hunt and subsequent move to the United States.But nonetheless, it was a fun little handheld to code for. So I started to convince myself that I needn’t bother with Eclipse.I was certainly looking forward to coding on a much more popular device. I can get all the highlighting and quick-reference stuff in Visual Studio, and I could run batch files to build my code.Now if you’ve ever tried to write anything for the Android, you’ll know the preferred development environment is Eclipse. After all, with C under Eclipse you still have to install Cygwin and effectively build from the command-line.It does have quite a learning curve, and Google searching for documentation can lead you to very bad explanations of how it works.

If you’re at all interested in it, I recommend this book: As well as being a very good guide to MSBuild, it actually had a small chapter about exactly what I was trying to do! Unfortunately I picked the book up after I’d done the majority of my scripting, but it at least showed me I was barking up the right tree. Once I’d gotten all the features I wanted, and all the bugs I could find ironed out, I decided to release it as open-source.I then setup some further ones which would build the entire package using ‘ant’, and then install and run the application on the Android device connected to my PC. For someone who was longing for Visual Studio back, after a few days with Eclipse. If you want to try the makefile method, take a look at this website: His method is a little cleaner than the one I used, my batch/script files were hard-coded messes of experimentation.Check out the debugging article on his page too, he’s got a way of using Win GDB to debug Android NDK code in Visual Studio. Unfortunately Android’s NDK build scripts under Cygwin on Windows, isn’t exactly the performer.Well, really I found absolutely nothing in the end.I found a couple of questions on about the same subject, but with no answers.I ended up searching through the Visual Studio directories to find the existing scripts for Microsoft’s compiler.