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Constantly praised by the critics, and named »Best Opera Choir of the Season« in Opernwelt magazine's year book time and again – the choral soloists of the Komische Oper Berlin guarantee superlative singing as well as acting.

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This is not only a fact known by the musical directors, but also something much appreciated by the countless directors who have worked with the choral soloists time and again, including Hans Neuenfels, Peter Konwitschny and Barrie Kosky.

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Under the directorship of Dagmar Fiebach, the children are prepared for the varied and highly sophisticated challenges of regular performing in rehearsals taking place several times a week.

The musical and acting work is complemented with regular professional voice coaching by experienced singers from Berlin's opera houses.

For many years now, the children's choir has been an important part of the opera house's tradition as a musical theatre.