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Sites like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and others are a cost effective means of spreading the word and getting support.

Not to mention socially shared petitions from sites like Causes.org, reaching hundreds of thousands of people.

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For example, young people around the world are now more involved than ever in their country’s politics.

The last presidential elections in the US are proof of that.

How many of them do you see on a semi-regular basis? Then we have the issue of how it has taken over our lives.

I being out in public and seeing people on their phones.

Since they have paved a new way for interaction between the two, customers can now tell brands exactly what they want.

Businesses can then use that information to tailor their products of more appeal.

In the same vein, it gives you the feeling of being a friend (or having friends) without having to put in any actual work to build the relationship.

Just think of how many people you have on your Facebook friends list.

We can’t enjoy the world around us for an hour without retreating back into that safe little digital box.

Productivity is pretty much shot thanks to social media, as well.

They used to have to spend a ton of cash for this kind of marketing data.