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Version 1.85 - 8/8/08 --I made a few small additions.Added several new FAQ questions, added another tip, and some other information as well as a few submissions. I really wanted to do more, but now I have college to juggle along with everything else in my life.I'm looking to add more, but this Thursday I'm going to a show to see a band named Catherine.

The worse news is that I'm in a really tight spot in my life right now. I can't say when a new update will come and also if you e-mail me, do not be surprised at all if I don't answer for a few days. Version 1.70 - 6/25/08 --Took me longer than I wanted to update, and all I have now are several new submissions.I had a lot of stuff to do the past week, plus I've been working on a new walkthrough. I'm still hoping to add some of those last sections after I finish this other walkthrough, and I might be able to get the Flying Rats section up with some help from a reader, but nothing is guaranteed yet. It has been a stressful few weeks with work, family, and the new guide I just made but, that's not really the entire excuse.Version .80 - 5/22/08 --More missions added, up to Dining Out. Added another FAQ question, and updated some sections a little. I was busy celebrating my liberation after finally completing my 4th semester of college so I was only able to add a little bit.I decided to remove the big choice questions from the FAQ since they had spoilers, even though I warned readers of them. Chances are I'll add more but both this update and the next one probably won't be added til after the holiday is my guess. Version .95 - 5/26/08 --This was supposed to be the first completed update, but I wasn't totally ready and I have some stuff to do so I can't get around to it. For now the walkthrough goes up to A Dish Served Cold, the first mission of the Revenge Branch.Also keep in mind, I might start accepting a lot less from now on. All I can say is I had a lot of plans but most of them were washed away.

Nothing personal, but it's getting to that point soon. Well, the good news is that I'm almost done with my fall semester (only three more finals to go! I wanted to make more additions to this guide, really "big" ones in fact, if you catch my drift, but it'll have to wait a long time if ever. =============================================== | _____ _ _ __ | | |_ _|_ _| |__| |___ ___ / _| | | | |/ _` | '_ \ / -_) / _ \ _| | | |_|\__,_|_.__/_\___| \___/_| | | | | ___ _ _ | | / __|___ _ _| |_ ___ _ _| |_ ___ | | | (__/ _ \ ' \ _/ -_) ' \ _(_- the rest.

Here's what's new today: -Finished Most Wanted section -Added an announcement to Flying Rats section -Added several new submissions -Changed some info for the final missions -Started Stevie's Cars section Version 1.60 - 6/10/08 --I tried to add more but got a little sidetracked, hanging out with friends that I hadn't seen since highschool.

I updated Stevie's Cars, as well as added some more submissions.

The rest as well as the walkthrough for the other branch will be added later. Version 1.00 - 5/27/08 --Big update this time, and the first completed version of the walkthrough!

This means that I'll be accepting reader submissions now (for most things, but not everything as I'm still in the process of adding extra info).

I added the Random Character section for all the info in one spot, another FAQ question, and the usual little edits and fixes. I'm being a little swamped now, so the next update might not come for a couple of days. He just beat Assassin's Creed for the first time and now thanks to him, I want to play through it again.