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I don’t want to overstate the stress this caused me, but I will say that my subconscious has added “Driving Without A License” to my standard panic-dream roster of “Go To Grade School In Your Underwear” and “Oh By The Way, You Didn’t Actually Graduate College.” One mitigating factor in this otherwise wretched situation is that, apparently, other people are just as dumb as I am.

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What if they are hurt and lying in a hospital bed somewhere?The newfound male attention I received felt exhilarating.I live in a building with walls so thin I can hear my neighbors’ forks hit their plates.If I could, I’d rent a car just to prowl the streets cranking obnoxious music to 11 and pretending like I own this town.Of course I’ve driven a few times since that inexcusably ignored expiration date.

My last trip to Dallas I drove my cousin’s car and felt like I was 15 sneaking out the family ride, “does he know? ” clanging in my brain every time I passed a police car.LADIES man CALUM BEST has got a new girlfriend – and she is right up his street.The former Celebrity Big Brother star and son of football legend GEORGE BEST has embarked on a new romance with Playboy model LINDSEY PELAS. “They’ve been dividing their time between London and Los Angeles and have now gone public with their relationship after initially keeping it secret.” Despite having dated a long list of famous women, such as LINDSAY LOHAN, SARAH HARDING and BIANCA GASCOIGNE, sources close to Calum insist his romance with Lindsey is the real deal.Much like many of Calum’s ex-flings which include glamour models BRANDI GLANVILLE, HAZEL O’SULLIVAN and GEORIGA SALPA, new squeeze Lindsey from Louisiana boasts an incredible body... “They went on holiday in LA last month and couldn’t get enough of each other.” Calum attempted to find love on US dating show Famously Single this summer, but even that ended in disaster when he accused Real Housewives star Brandi of making him “look like a c**t”. As online confessions go, it might sound pretty tame, but in terms of what it reveals about my character it’s more shameful than admitting I’m a Brony. Even more humiliating, what kind of grown man from When I moved to New York from Dallas there was no question that I wouldn’t be bringing my car.Take everyone but me out of the equation, and not having a licence is still a gut punch to the soul.