Yoshiki dating

Other instances of him being unusually kind to his fans include him writing songs for them, buying X Japan concert tickets for them, and asking them for autographs. Yoshiki and Ayumi had been secretly dating for quite some time now.

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Surprisingly, Yoshiki has not issued restraining orders against these fans.

In fact, he actually created a 25th hour of the day just so he could devote it to reading through every single one of these messages.

-Lots of other parings in this, not just Ayushiki but, it's the main one. x D)Chapter One: Standing in the middle of the park in Japan, it being about a month till the end of the school year; a nice cool breeze making Ayumi's skirt wave around, Yoshiki spoke softly to Ayumi with his eyes full of love.

"Ayumi," Yoshiki began as he cupped her cheek, kissing her forehead.

With this project, Yoshiki hopes to blur the lines between fashion, art, and music as well as compete with Guns N' Roses's Chinese Democracy album for the Guinness World Record of "Most Number of Times That an Album Has Been Delayed". Yoshiki commonly ninjas his way into concerts, movies, and ninja conventions.

He has been spotted at the Family Values Tour, Taste of Chaos, and every concert that Rudolph the Red Nosed Rein Deer en Grey has ever played in America.

"I love you."Smiling, and blushing, Ayumi looked up at Yoshiki with the biggest smile ever.

"I love you too."It had been three months since Ayumi asked Yoshiki out.

Miki's mentality was rather old fashioned due to her step-mother telling her old stories on how 'men are perverted', 'dirty', 'useless'. She was a major bitch to her family but a sweet little girl at school and in public."How odd.

He probably doesn't have any condoms since he can't get a girl!

Yoshiki also wrote the soundtracks for all of these movies.